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January 29, 2014

Chicopee® Launches New Sanitizer-Compatible Foodservice Towels

CHARLOTTE, NC: Chicopee recently unveiled CHIX® SC Sanitizer Compatible towels, the latest innovation in the CHIX family of foodservice cleaning wipes.

CHIX® SC towels are a significant advance in the fight against foodborne illnesses and cross-contamination, helping stem the spread of salmonella, E. coli, listeria and other pathogens. While laundered cotton towels, paper towels and other non-woven wipes have been shown to deplete sanitizer potency, CHIX SC towels are proven to deliver sanitizer solutions at acceptable levels to foodservice surfaces.

Sanitizer compatibility is a vital benefit provided by CHIX SC, and it applies equally to sanitizing systems utilizing quaternary ammonia, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide. In addition, CHIX SC towels are engineered to dislodge and collect particles, to rinse clean, and to provide sufficient durability to perform for a full 8-hour shift and beyond.

CHIX SC sanitizer compatible foodservice towels are compatible with color-coded zone cleaning protocols, with towels available in white, blue, yellow and red.

Visitors to are able to view a demonstration of the sanitizer depletion/compatibility phenomenon, and to request a free test kit, enabling them to make a direct comparison between the performance of their current towel and CHIX SC.

ABOUT Chicopee

Chicopee-Americas, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a subsidiary of PGI, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of nonwoven cleaning fabrics and packaged wipes for healthcare, hygiene and industry. Chicopee’s North America division provides roll goods and finished, packaged wipes for foodservice, building maintenance, healthcare, general purpose and consumer retail applications. The European division provides finished, packaged wipes and roll goods engineered for automotive aftermarket, food service, building maintenance, industrial, healthcare, consumer home care and consumer personal care applications.

® Chicopee is a registered trademark of Chicopee, Inc., and Chix is a registered trademark of PGI Polymer, Inc.