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May 29, 2014

ChixSC Releases White Paper Proving Sanitizing Test Results

Charlotte, NC:  A new white paper proves that ChixSC Sanitizer Compatible Foodservice Towels repeatedly outperformed cotton and paper towels by 200 percent. The results of third-party tests conducted in partnership with a national restaurant chain have been published by Chicopee, a PGI company, in the paper “Chicopee ChixSC Sanitizer Compatible Performance White Paper”.

The white paper cites scientific studies showing cotton and paper towels diminish the germ-fighting powers of commercial sanitizers.  Up to 40% of the potency from the solution in sanitizer buckets can be locked up in cotton towels due to a chemical bond that forms between the towel and the sanitizer.  The solution that transfers to the food prep surface has been depleted of sanitizer, increasing the risk of exposing customers to food-borne illnesses.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the 48 million cases of food-borne illnesses in the United States each year are linked to restaurant and food establishments. Costs associated with foodborne illnesses range from $12-$25 billion annually and a single outbreak could run into millions of dollars for a foodservice operation. Restaurants may still be exposing customers to bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses if they continue to use cotton or paper towels, despite faithful compliance with cleaning and sanitization protocols.

ChixSC towels are cost-effective and easy to add to existing sanitizing procedures. A proprietary blend of nonwoven and synthetic fibers are engineered to release both quat- and chlorine-based sanitizer onto food prep surfaces at full potency. Available in white, blue, yellow and red, ChixSC Sanitizer Compatible Foodservice Towels also support color-coded zone cleaning protocols.

ABOUT Chicopee

Chicopee-Americas, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a subsidiary of PGI, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of nonwoven cleaning fabrics and packaged wipes for healthcare, hygiene and industry. Chicopee’s North America division provides roll goods and finished, packaged wipes for foodservice, building maintenance, healthcare, general purpose and consumer retail applications. The European division provides finished, packaged wipes and roll goods engineered for automotive aftermarket, food service, building maintenance, industrial, healthcare, consumer home care and consumer personal care applications.

® Chicopee is a registered trademark of Chicopee, Inc., and Chix is a registered trademark of PGI Polymer, Inc.